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  PPC Conversion Tracking  Product Reviews

Double profits! Save on PPC costs! Hit that PPC bulls eye!

   All you have to do is find the right PPC Conversion Tracking software that tells you where your profits are coming from.

PPC Conversion Tracking Product Reviews

PPC Conversion Tracking is an essential part of your Pay Per Click Campaign. To save on your PPC costs and to increase profits, you need to know which keywords are bringing in sales and which are not, focus on those that bring the sales, and delete those don't.

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Affiliate Prophet
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Affiliate Prophet

Revolutionary "Profit-Predicting" Software Almost Instantly Uncovers Sure-Money Affiliate Program & Keywords That You Can Plug-In & Profit Today!

- Best array of features for tracking and testing.
- Best feature is Affiliate Spy which allows affiliate marketers to get around one URL rule of Google AdWords when direct linking through a ClickBank hoplink.
- Best value for money.

- A little confusing documentation.
- A learning curve for absolute newbies to PPC.

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HLOLA is a Pay Per Click Conversion Tracking script that gives you an "under the hood" look at your campaigns and helps you discover valuable information guaranteed to give you more bang for your buck.

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Speed PPC

Stop doing your PPC the old way. Join the revolution and launch your campaigns faster and with more relevance with this patent pending tool.

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Powerful PPC Optimization Strategies Revealed!

Double Conversions! Lower Your PPC Costs!

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