Get the Biggest Bang for Your PPC Test Budget

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A lot of people I know get creamed on AdWords, some of them lose a couple hundred bucks on the first couple of days alone when they first start testing a campaign… and they complain they spent that much and did not even get one sale or one conversion.

What is worse, a good number of them go off and rant about how PPC does not work.

The main reason they burnt a hole in their pockets? Starting with too many keywords.

When you start a test campaign with too many keywords:

  • you get too few clicks for each of the keywords to be able to see which keywords will actually convert
  • long tail keywords will cost you more because they have lesser search volumes and are more competitive, the ratio of ads for the keyword against the number of daily searches is high compared to the broad keywords which have huge search volumes
  • you don’t have any ad history nor previous CTR data so your Quality Score will generally be low, and will cost you more to get your ads at a good ad position
  • your Quality Score per keyword or ad will be low because it is affected by the overall Quality Score of your other ad groups, other campaigns and your entire AdWords account overall, again it will cost you more to get your ads at a good ad position.

My advice..

Start out with a few broad and lateral keywords. These are two-word keywords; one word keywords might just not work.

This of course would also depend on the niche/market you are in.

Broad keywords have the highest search volumes that help guarantee that your ad does get shown, and if you wrote good ad copy, it will get clicked more times than the other ads, and this improves your Quality Score and you get lower cost on clicks for better ad position.

You need to be tracking to see the actual keywords that convert for you, and I am not talking about the keywords you bid on but the actual phrase (when you are phrase matching) and the synonyms or other related keywords (for broad matched keywords).

I use Affiliate Prophet for this purpose.

Once you see what other keywords (synonyms or long tail) have good CTR, start adding them to your campaign. At this point, you will likely have a better Quality Score because of the history of your previously running broad keywords that by now, you must have optimized to an acceptable CTR.

Another approach is to simply add long tail keywords that you discovered by digging deeper for each of the broad keywords you started with. Again, your Quality Score will be much better on account of the campaign history.

Keep on adding more lateral keywords.. always going broad before you go deep. Add keywords in batches, this gives you a chance to optimize each batch to optimal CTR and Quality Score levels, in the process deleting keywords and ads that perform poorly and affect your Quality Score adversely… that by the time you are ready to add the next batch of keywords, your previously added keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns are all running at optimal levels that your new keywords will likely also get better ad position for lower costs per click.


Fast And Easy Websites Indexed

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Assuming you are in the business cards trade and would like to boost your business using the internet. You built and published your newly created business cards online website to promote free business card template and design to get prospective clients. Several days have past yet your new site is still not found by the search engines. What can you do to get the search engines notice and start crawling your new site?

Every webmaster knows the value of driving high quality traffic and what it means to get it for free. While there are various ways to gain exposure for your website or blog, nothing compares to the kind of traffic search engines like Google can generate. When you get ranked for the right keywords, you can expect to get thousands of visitors to your site every day. You need to get your website indexed in the search engines before working on getting ranked. What steps can you take to get the search engines to notice your site and index it?

First and foremost, make sure that your website or blog has original content. Taking note of the content is the first thing when the search engines index a website. Making sure your site has original content will get your site indexed faster. Getting indexed with duplicate content on your site can make getting ranked highly quite hard. Knowing your niche inside and out is the key to creating original content. If writing original content is difficult for you try hiring someone to do it for you. Get indexed faster with focused content.

Next, consider if your site can serve as a great resource for others looking for help if it offers target information to your targeted audience. This gives you an opportunity to add your site’s link to Wikipedia. Having an into Wikipedia can help speed up the process of getting your website indexed because it’s one of the most powerful authority sites today. Even though it takes a few minutes to add your site’s link to Wikipedia, doing so has many long term benefits like indirect traffic.

Last of all; look for the greatest forums or discussion boards in you niche and register with them. Forums have a terrific affiliation with the search engines as they are updated with new and unique content on a normal basis. When you establish an account on the accepted forums in your niche, you’ll be able to announce them. On the contrary, how does this assist you with you indexing? Forums permit you to attach your website’s link in the signature emerges at the bottom of each post. When the search engine spiders go to see the forum and scrutinize if for new material, they’ll locate your link and list it in their index. This is a simple way for the search engines to observe your website.

You need to take external steps, in addition to having quality content, to let the search engines know that your site exists. Remember, the indexing part is your first step towards building a relationship with the search engines, and the most important one. Start applying what you’ve learned here, and your website will be indexed in no time.

Discover How Simple It Is to Get Your Site Indexed in the Search Engines

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Search engine traffic happens to be one of the most valuable forms of traffic that we have today. Even supposing there are plenty of methods for directing visitors toward your website, search engine traffic is recognized for its worth. The kind of exposure you get from the major search engines such as Google is highly targeted, which is exactly what every website is looking for. However, many webmasters get stuck at the first step of search engine optimization, which is to get your website indexed. Without having your site indexed, it won’t be possible for your target audience to find your site through the search engines. Therefore how do you perform getting your site in the search engine index swift and simply? For example this edmonton marketing company helps businesses generate more exposure using the search engines.

For the most part, you need to make sure your website or blog has original content. Search engines index a website, the most important part is the content. Make sure your content is original or it will take longer to get your site indexed. Besides that, even if it does get indexed, achieving a high rank for your targeted keyword will be difficult with duplicate content on your site. Creating original content is quite simple when you know your niche markets well. You can always hire someone to write the content for you pretty cheap. It’s imperative that you work towards getting indexed only after you’ve focused your energy on the content. The next step is to submit your website’s link to the top web directories. There are several directories that allow you to submit your site’s link for free. The search engines will almost instantly learn about your website when you submit your link to these directories because they have a great relationship with the search engines. Just be sure to submit your site in the right category otherwise you won’t get the results you’re looking for. These directories can also make a great resource for generating indirect traffic to your website. However, remember that like any marketing edmonton company, you will want to ensure your own website is prepared to handle the visitors that come its way.

It’s also important for you to have a plan ready. It’s important to know exactly what you want to do once your site gets indexed. Not having a plan won’t do your site any good, especially as far as SEO is concerned. Even before your site is indexed start the off page search engine optimization process such as getting backlinks from other relevant sites and blogs. Actively pursuing your SEO efforts will give you better results once your site gets indexed. Your aim is not only to get your website in the search engine’s index, but to also have it ranked for your targeted keyword.

As you can see, you not only need to have quality content but there are also external steps you need to take to let the search engines know your site exists. Getting your site indexed is the first and most important step you take to building a relationship with the search engines. So go ahead, start applying what you’ve learned here to have your website indexed in no time!

Using A Web Marketing Company Can Boost the Traffic You Are Getting To Your Website

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If you have looked round the internet lately then you can have noticed that there is a large number of services available that may help you set up an internet site. Some of these services are cheap and others are more expensive. Having a website whether it be for person use or for business me is very valuable, but merely setting up an internet site won’t help you to get traffic. You must be able to get traffic if you wish to be considered a success on the web, and search engine marketing in orange county will help you do this. search engine marketing orange county

Using a web marketing company carries benefits, primarily having the ability to assist you in finding a way to drive traffic where you may not possess the technical understand how to do so yourself. Using a online marketing company for example is so beneficial simply because they will take a website that isn’t optimized and not getting traffic and transform it into a traffic generation magnet. Once this has been done the benefits will continue for a long time and a long time following the initial work has been done.

Search engine marketing for La is ideal for those people who are offering services or products. Yes, having the ability to sell services and products online is powerful, but what difference will it make if you’re getting no sales? You may put a lot of time and energy into the look of the website, but when you aren’t getting search engine rank then all of your effort will probably be for nothing. You will quickly understand that you either need to pay for traffic, or hire professionals to put in work with your website.

There are plenty of different search engines like google plus some of them are easy to get a site up from the rankings. But know matter how easy it may be, an average joe isn’t a search engine optimization professional. By using a search engine marketing company you should use powerful techniques and strategies that may help you make use of the individual rules of a given internet search engine to ensure top placement in it. Once this has been done you’ll experience a nice steady stream of traffic to your brand-new or existing site.

Creating a website is excellent, and there’s no limit to the tools you are able to use to get this done. You can build a site very easy these days that it is almost a poor turn to not have access to one. By visiting though you will have the 2nd part of the process to be able to help you start driving traffic. Once this has been done then you can pinpoint the look of the site and also the quality of content or the products you place onto it for sale. A good web marketing company makes all this simple and easy.

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